Sweatshop Rotterdam 19/20 March 2020

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Tiny Mining Sweatshop at V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam 19/20 March 2020

During the inaugural Tiny Mining sweatshop, participants will collectively and practically explore the potentials for exploration and extraction. We will devise and document experimental protocols for improving yields and facilitating the testing and extraction of metals and minerals from within the human body. We will explore the ethical and political implications of the negotiation of individual mining rights and claims and encourage the construction of alternative belief systems, facilitating the adoption of Tiny Mining as a widespread cultural practice.

A more detailed technical protocol and schedule will be produced nearer the date. The workshop is free to attend. Please contact xxxxx if you wish to attend as places are strictly limited.


  • Sadly the sweatshop is postponed. In the meantime we're working on publishing a set of protocols for DIY and home extraction.

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